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The Atlantic

America’s Innovation Engine Is Slowing

Earlier this month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that international students attending universities that switch to online-only courses in the fall would be required to

COVID-19 Could Be End of Line for Some Regional Colleges

The Vermont State Colleges System, which includes three four-year colleges and a community college, had been in financial trouble for years before the coronavirus pandemic

Colleges Want No Repeat of the Last Recession's Cuts

During the last recession more than a decade ago, states slashed about $33 billion in funding for the nation’s colleges and universities from 2008 to 2012.

State Funding for Public Colleges Was Rebounding. Now They Brace for Coronavirus Budget Cuts

Most state funding for public colleges and universities is still not up to pre-recession levels — and it could put schools in a difficult position

The ‘Public’ in Public College Could Be Endangered

Since the Great Recession, states have taken drastically different approaches to funding colleges. The pandemic poses an even bigger challenge.

Public Higher Ed Funding Still Has Not Recovered From 2008 Recession

State funding for higher education remains below pre-recession levels and will likely stay that way, a new report from the State Higher Education Executive Officers

State support for higher ed rose again in 2019, but that trend is expected to stop

Although the boost in state appropriations would suggest a healthy funding outlook for the nation's public colleges, the reality is more complicated. Public institutions have only recovered

Coronavirus Could Cause a Long-Term Higher Ed Crisis

The impact of the coronavirus epidemic on higher education has been swift. The outbreak has already upended conference schedules and athletic events, and institutions have

Has global higher education recovered from the financial crash?

Analysis of Unesco and OECD data suggests that, on the surface, spending has rebounded – but some fundamental aspects of higher education investment may have

What is the state of state higher ed funding?

Only about one in four U.S. adults say postsecondary education is affordable, according to a Gallup survey

Opinion: Free college for everyone? School presidents aren't impressed

A dozen college presidents, most representing non-flagship public schools, gathered here recently for an annual media dinner. Many spoke persuasively about the need for greater

Some States Move Toward Financial Aid Based on Need Rather Than Merit

State-funded merit scholarships are politically popular. But as college tuition rises, policymakers in some states are starting to rethink financial aid that disproportionately benefits white,

As Universities See State Funding Threatened, Will They Be Less Outspoken About Climate Change?

What happens when what your legislature wants is at odds with your student body or your faculty? What happens as state universities’ budgets shrink, while

Dueling Conclusions on State Disinvestment

One report says funding cuts by states to public colleges are a problem; another says they're a myth.

A Tale of Two Spenders: How State and Federal Higher Ed Spending Shifted During the Great Recession

Government spending on higher education has shifted significantly over the past two decades, with federal support increasing and state support decreasing. Between 2000 and 2015,

Congress's $2 billion to community colleges worth it or not?

Friday was “numbers Friday” at the Labor Department — the day when the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its monthly jobs report. On the same

Two-Thirds of College Students Take On Debt, but Amount Is Rising More Slowly

America’s student debt is growing more slowly, but borrowing remains a fact of life for most students. The average burden for indebted college graduates is

‘Nobody is Talking About This’: The Sorry State of Higher Ed Funding

Most Americans believe state spending for state colleges and universities has increased, or held steady, over the past decade, according to a recent survey by

The Top Public Schools in the WSJ/THE College Rankings

More than two dozen public schools placed in this year’s top 100 of the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings, with 10 public schools



Pennsylvania's Plans to Consolidate 6 State Universities

The plans were published in advance of a Board of Governors meeting and pave the way for a week of discussion and debate about the consolidation.

Arizona's 4-Year Public Universities Form Alliance

New alliance targets improving graduation rates and retention rates and admitting students from low-income families.

New Mexico State University System Consolidating Three Community Colleges

Facing declining enrollment and a financial beating from the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Mexico State University system will consolidate leadership at three of its community

Pandemic in N.J. ‘Unlike Anything’ Before

Second nationally in deaths caused by the coronavirus. A frozen state budget. Efforts to recruit students to stay. How will higher education in New Jersey

Higher Ed ‘Will Never Be the Same:’ Commissioner

With no clear timeline for when state colleges and universities can safely operate amid the coronavirus pandemic, academic institutions face uncertain future

Community colleges scramble to graduate more working-age students

As state community colleges struggle to raise enrollment, they are looking to recruit more non-traditional students — those older than 25.

SUNY's insufficient funding levels must be addressed

The SUNY and CUNY systems are among the most important engines of upward economic mobility in the state, yet they received but passing mention in

Colorado campuses sound alarm as leaders push cost-cutting and “efficiency through starvation”

One by one, the leaders of Colorado’s colleges and universities appeared before lawmakers to make a collective plea: Don’t neglect us — again.

UAA enrollment drops 10% this fall after summer of tense budget battles

Leaders at the University of Alaska Anchorage are grappling with their largest drop in enrollment in years. The number of students who signed up for

Penn State and Pa.’s public colleges are among the nation’s costliest — and are surprisingly empty

Pennsylvania taxpayer funding for higher education peaked in 2000 at an inflation-adjusted $9,433 per student, according to the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association data.

Kevin Walthers: The Hancock Promise changes the odds for our community

As we approach the 2020 election season, most candidates are touting plans to address college affordability. This is a welcome discussion in light of the

If Missouri College Students Could Party Like It's 1999, They'd Save About 61% On Tuition

Missouri state funding hasn’t kept up with student enrollment or inflation, higher education experts say, and that has colleges relying on tuition and fees to

Black college students in Illinois get the short end of the financial stick

Illinois is spending more on higher ed overall but less on financial aid, as pension plans gobble funding

Oregon “falling behind” on college affordability, data shows

Oregon is spending slightly more per student than before the Great Recession on higher education, but tuition is climbing far faster.

70% of college students graduate in debt: Northwest Indiana students talk about the reality of paying back loans after graduation

70% of college students graduate in debt: Northwest Indiana students talk about the reality of paying back loans after graduation

Moving Away From Merit Aid

The University of Pittsburgh isn't offering free tuition. Instead, it's matching Pell Grants and shifting merit aid after calculating how much unmet need is too

Free College Proposal Raises Serious Questions

Gov. Lujan Grisham has put forth a plan (set for debate and possible approval in the 2020 Legislature) for “free” college for New Mexico residents.

Michigan higher ed budget could lead to more tuition hikes, critics say

Michigan’s public universities aren’t thrilled with the higher education budget that passed the legislature this week, warning that continued under-investment would hit students’ pocketbooks the
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University of Alaska Considers Consolidation After Budget Cuts

Consolidating its three separate universities or units thereof are among the options open to the Alaska public higher education system in the wake of a

Study: Low-income, students of color squeezed in Michigan’s college affordability crisis

A new study shows that Michigan’s public universities and community colleges are facing an affordability crisis, which has especially hit low-income families hard.

Opinion | Michigan is now 44th in per-resident support for higher ed

As state officials work toward the Michigan’s fiscal year 2020 budget, new data show how far our state has fallen in supporting higher education, putting

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