Data Provider Resources - SHEF

Data Provider Resources

The resources on this page are intended to support the SHEEO agency staff who provide the underlying data for the Grapevine and SHEF reports each year—without them, the SHEF project would not be possible. We are grateful for their diligence and commitment to providing timely and accurate data.

The data collection for fiscal years 2021 (SHEF) and 2022 (Grapevine) is currently underway. New data providers, please contact Sophia Laderman to be added to the SHEF mailing list and receive information about this year’s data collection.

For technical assistance, please contact the SHEF administrator.

Changes to the 2021 Data Collection

In late 2018, SHEEO began a project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve the SHEF report. This project was born out of our members’ expressed interest in expanding the SHEF report to include additional detailed data on a number of increasingly relevant issues in higher education. We worked closely with the SHEF advisory committee to determine the most useful and feasible expansion opportunities for the SHEF data collection.

Throughout 2019, we shared our initial plans in a data-expansion survey sent to all SHEF data providers. With a 90% response rate, we were able to incorporate extensive feedback about data availability and definitions from almost every state. We also held a two-day meeting with our technical advisory committee to fine-tune the new elements of our data collection. The 2020 SHEF data collection included a new structure with the following new data elements:

  • Agency funding*
  • State operating appropriations for public institutions by sector (two-year, four-year)*
  • Local appropriations by sector (two-year, four-year)*
  • Capital appropriations for public institutions (including the sources and uses of such appropriations)
  • Revised data on dual enrollment appropriations and FTE
  • Performance-based funding by sector (two-year, four-year)
  • State financial aid by sector (two-year public, four-year public, independent, out-of-state)*
  • Tuition and mandatory education and general fees by sector (two-year, four-year)*
  • Institutional discounts and waivers by sector (two-year, four-year)*
  • Additional information on mandatory education and general fees
  • Tuition revenue by residency (in-state, out-of-state)
  • FTE enrollment by sector (two-year, four-year)*
  • FTE enrollment by residency (in-state, out-of-state)

Data elements marked with asterisks (*) in the above list were required in the FY 2020 data collection, and the rest will be required in the FY 2021 collection. We know that in some cases, collecting and providing this information will not be straightforward. We are committed to working with our data providers to ensure they are prepared for the upcoming changes. These additional variables will provide greater utility to SHEEO member agencies as they develop strategies to serve the higher education needs of your states. Please review the additional resources below for more information, and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like our technical assistance.