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State Effort and Capacity to Fund Higher Education (New, FY19)

New report on alternate measures of state support showing how states vary in their capacity and effort to fund higher education.

SHEEO Analysis of FY2021 Funding

Early look at detailed trends in state tax appropriations, federal stimulus funding, and sector-level appropriations for FY2021.

SHEF Issue Briefs

State Funding for Private Institutions (FY20)

Overview of how state funding for general operating and financial aid to private institutions has changed over time.

Analysis of Federal Stimulus Funding (FY20)

Explore trends over time in the use of federal stimulus funding for higher education during recessions, by state.

Changing Trends in State Financial Aid (FY19)

Explores trends in state-funded student financial aid and differences for students attending public and private institutions.

Post-Recession Trends in Higher Education Revenues (FY19)

The latest updates on how well states have recovered from the Great Recession across multiple SHEF metrics.

Regional Differences in Higher Education Finance (FY19)

Learn about differences in higher education enrollment and revenues across the four Census regions.

State Budget Drivers (FY18)

Analysis of trends in state revenues and expenditures that led to the slow recovery in higher education funding.

Fiscal Challenges in Illinois (FY18)

Important context and considerations for interpreting the large increases in state funding for higher education in Illinois.

Ten Years Out: Recovery From the Great Recession (FY18)

A comprehensive review of the depth of state funding cuts, total revenue recovery, and changes in state aid.

Outcomes-Based Funding and State Support (FY17)

Highlights from a survey on outcomes-based funding, including metrics included and funding allocated based on these outcome metrics.

Sources and Uses of Public Funding for Higher Education (FY16)

An examination of trends and changes in the sources and uses of public funding in higher education.

Initial Findings: Sector Level Breakdown (FY16)

A first look into sector-level SHEF data. These data continue to improve and become more complete over time.

The Economic Cycle's Impact on Higher Education Funding (FY15)

Additional context for understanding the Great Recession and subsequent recovery compared to the two prior recessions.

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